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Revolutionizing Green Building in Mountain Communities


Intelbuild Solutions is revolutionizing green building in mountain communities with their American-made modular homes. We minimize waste and reduce materials transportation, ensuring an eco-friendly approach. Our construction methods cut noise pollution by 50% and enable homes to be built in just 12-15 months, compared to the traditional 3-4 years. With Intelbuild Solutions, you can have your dream green home faster and more sustainably.

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Modular building is flexible, and the plans are highly-customizable. If you already have plans for your construction project, we can convert them to modular. Alternatively, we can help you design plans to suit your every need and want. Modular buildings offer similar features as site-built buildings, including the latest architectural design, top-of-the-line inclusions, and energy efficiency...except they’re less expensive to build and can be delivered faster! Contact us about your project and we’ll show you how you can save on construction costs, build with higher quality and complete your building project faster.



Intelbuild's modular homes are a prime example of cost-effective construction solutions. By using a controlled indoor environment for manufacturing, they minimize material waste and reduce labor costs, resulting in significant savings. Additionally, the parallel construction process, where both site preparation and module assembly occur simultaneously, further accelerates the project timeline, reducing construction loan interest and other holding costs. This streamlined approach ensures that Intelbuild's modular homes are not only more affordable upfront but also cost-efficient in the long run, with superior energy efficiency and sustainability features that contribute to lower operating expenses for homeowners.



Modular buildings cost less to build but appreciate in value just as fast as site-built. Because they’re constructed in a quality controlled environment with superior project supervision, modular buildings don’t suffer weather-related damages (such as warped wood or wet drywall), which means fewer surprises and repairs later on.






We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning stage to post-construction facility management. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

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Yes! We are open to ideas – if you have a plan you have drawn up or found on another website, we want to see it! Our drafting team will customize the plan using our design software and make any changes you request in order to develop your plan exactly as you want it.

Can I custom design a home?


Yes – we offer split-level and two story plans and are open to look at any plan you submit.

Do you build two-story homes?


The typical time frame for the construction of the modular portion of a home is 8-10 weeks. (which is usually about the same time it takes to get permits and install a foundation on site)

How long does a modular home take to build?


Approximate sq ft’ prices that people quote can be very misleading. It is best to discuss your entire project with a dealer to get a better estimate of your project cost. Need to consider expenses like Wells, Septic systems, Dirt work, Tree removal, Driveways, Crane requirements, Heating/Cooling completion on site, etc.)

What is the average cost of your homes?


Yes, modular home are built to high energy standards.

Are modular homes energy efficient?


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